Saturday, May 16, 2020

To my students and parents,                                                                                                              

I'm posting this letter from April 25, 2020 as a reminder of a plan to help you with distance learning. I gave a copy of this letter to many of you with your hard copy materials, but forgot to post it here.  It's still a good plan and I hope you are all following it.  Relationships and routine are the keys to success in everything.  

I have been working with many of my students on various assignments and projects.  I have also been available to work with students individually via telephone or teleconference.  I'm here if you need anything.  Just give me a call or an e-mail.  

We are entering the last days of school. We have 8 days left.  As we are winding down, I hope you are hanging in there and can get through your last assignments and will continue with the routines I gave you throughout the past two months. Sticking with the routine when you are at home can be difficult.  I will be posting some ideas to carry you through the summer months.  Please watch for those ideas in a future posting. 

This has been the weirdest time ever!  We don't get to have our end of the year party or fun activities we usually have to close out our school year.  There are lots of changes happening and lots of unknowns.  One thing we know is that you are resilient and will adjust.  You have been adjusting, working hard, getting close to your parents and families, zooming with your teachers and friends, and experiencing all kinds of new things.  If this is the "new normal" then we will continue to adjust and "go with the flow'.  Although the "new normal" is somewhat scary and painful, it's also a time of great growth. 

No matter what the new school year will be like, I can't wait to see you all person....or through zoom.....or however it all happens.  Please remember we can get through anything together and we will rise above anything that comes our way.  

Lots of positive vibes, elbow bumps, virtual hugs, high fives in the air, and lot of rainbows, are wished to you all.  

Mrs. Fields 

Hello from Mrs. Fields, 
                                                                                                                                                                   April 25, 2020

Welcome to more information about distance learning. We are delivering some printed materials to you today. We are finding it has been easier for our students to have a combination of on-line tools and printed tools to help them stay on track. 
Relationship, routine, and movement are important at this time.

Relationship:  Please keep open lines of communication open with us!  Your classroom teacher, and learning center teachers are here for you.  If you work with a speech/language therapist or occupational therapist, they are here for you as well.  We are all trying to get materials into your hands to help you.
Routine:  If you have already created a routine that’s working for you, please continue doing that.  If you need help with a routine, here is our recommendation:

Classroom Routine:

  • ·        Do at least one ELA assignment your classroom teacher has assigned through Schoology.  For example:  Read pages in your Benchmark text, annotate, and take notes.
  • ·        Do at least two pages of math.  This means the Reteach page and the Practice page each day for the lesson your teacher has assigned.
  • ·         Math facts:  Learn them to AUTOMATICITY.  That means MEMORIZE them. 

Learning Center Routine:

  • ·         DOL (Daily Oral Language): Do one to 5 activities (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) per day
  • ·         DLP:  (Daily Language Practice:  Do one to 5 activities (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) per day
  • ·        Strategies for Comprehension:  Do 1-3 strategies per week.  There are 12 strategies. They are short. If you do 3 per week, you will have learned all the strategies by the end of the school year.
  • ·         Math: Do one word problem or a page of math in the Interactive Math Packet (If you have one)


  • ·         Readlive: I’d like you to log in at least 2-4 times per week and practice your reading
  • ·         i-Ready: Reading and Math
  • ·         Other lessons assigned through Google Classroom or Schoology by your Classroom teacher or Ms. Tina.
  • ·         Explore the websites I sent out the first week of our closure.  Examples:  Kahn Academy, Book Adventure, etc
  • ·         Explore and use the school websites:  All the Write Type, Nitro Type, Lexia, Other aps available through Clever
  • ·         Check Mrs. Fields blog for more ideas, updates, and messages.
  • ·         Read a book and write about it. Do a book report, book summary, journal, etc.


Get out and move every day. Take a walk, a run or a bike ride. You can even walk around your house.  Get up and stand at least once per hour………every 15 minutes might be better for you. 

We miss you and think about you every day.

Elbow bump,
Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Lim, and Ms. Tina

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