Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Distance Learning is Happening

Wowie!  I'm so impressed at how everyone is working hard and figuring out Schoology, Zoom, Readlive and all the other on-line resources.  Our kids, parents, and teachers are amazing and resilient.  I wish I could post pictures, examples, and names of people who are really rocking this home schooling situation. On the other hand, it's also been quite challenging, frustrating, stressful, and sometimes feels very overwhelming to many of us.  A friend of mine from Alaska sent me this letter that was posted on an on-line post, and I just have to share it with all of you today.

April 17, 2020

Don't stress about schoolwork. In September, I will get your children back on track. I am a teacher and that's my superpower.  What I can't fix is social-emotional trauma that prevents the brain from learning. So right now, I just need you to share your calm, share your strength, and share your laughter with your children. No kids are ahead. No kids are behind. Your children are exactly where they need to be.  

With love, 
All the teachers on planet Earth  

I want to thank all of my parents and students for being patient with me and all of us as we navigate this very unprecedented time together.  I do "direct" (face to face) teaching all day, every day, so this on-line learning is a huge learning/teaching curve for me as well.  Many of my students and their parents are computer whizzes and many are not.  Even when I understand the technology, it has been difficult because my hardware and software has many gliches, roadblocks, security, etc. that prevents my activities from running smoothly.   I'm sure you all have the same issues.  I tell myself to "just keep swimming."

I want to communicate today some of the activities I have done and am working on to try to support you and your children.  This plan changes almost daily, so the plan may be different tomorrow.

I have posted many resources on this blog and will continue to post materials I think might help you.
I have sent many e-mails to parents and I'm trying to not to overwhelm parents and teachers.
I have collected, compiled, scanned, and copied many materials.
I have put out materials on my porch, for pick up, and have delivered many of the printed materials I have for you.
I've set up this blog.  If you can't immediately get access, request it and let me know if your don't get it.
I've received the basic training on Schoology and Zoom.
I'm working on getting my classes set up in Schoology, PowerSchool, Google Classroom etc. I've had some glitchy issues that I'm still working through.
I have asked Ms. Tina to help support you.  She is AWESOME!  You may be hearing from her through Schoology, email, or whatever means available.
I have been trying to continue with our IEP schedule and reschedule IEP's that have been missed. (This is a full time job in itself and is keeping me busy).
I've sent out this list activities as a guideline for you and your parents to follow using the printed and/or the on-line materials:

  •      Practice your sight words every day (Read, Spell, Read) If you are in the Sonday program, i have sent the list of words.  If you are not in the Sonday program, practice the Benchmark, SIPPS, or whatever words assigned by your teacher.  
  •      DOL (Daily Oral Language) Do the one your teacher gives you or the one I gave you,           whichever one is available to you. 
  •      DLP (Daily Language Practice) These are grammar activities.  I only have it available for 3rd and 4th grade.  
  •      Strategies for Comprehension:  I have these posted in groups of 3 lessons for each grade level.  If you do 3 strategies per week, you will have all 12 strategies learned by the end of the school year. 
  • Readlive:  Not everyone has this, but if you are a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader in my program, you have it.  I've sent your parents passwords.  I've also posted all the information about Readlive on this blog.  
  •      Math:  Do your reteach and practice lesson every day.  Your classroom teacher is assigning this daily and they are giving tests.  Do your best!!! 
  •      Additional Math:  I have posted some materials on this blog.  Some great review materials are Common Core 3 ways.  I only have this for first and third grade.  
  •      Math Fluency:  If you don't know your multiplication and division math facts, now is the time to practice, learn, and memorize them.  There are also math fluency materials;  Rocket math, Teddy Bear math, Math minute etc. 
  • If you want more......there is a plethora of activities for you.  I will repost the list of websites.  There are lots of things available on the School and District Website.  Remember there is:  i-Ready math and reading, Brain Pop, All the Write Type, Nitro Type, Lexia, Epic, News ELA and more. 
  • I have a small library of books on my porch, organized by Lexile Level, if you want to come get a book to read.  
  • Learn your math fact (Multiplication and Division) to automaticity.  

You should be logging in to Schoology every day and checking on what your classroom teacher is assigning and when they are holding their zoom meetings etc.

I don't want to give you all extra work.  I do want you to have a routine and have some structured activities available which is why I have sent e-mails with a schedule or checklist of things to do.  I have delivered or made available some printed materials for you.  It is my hope that you can do some of the printed materials to "warm up" and to supplement their "on-line" activities.

Also, I welcome your feedback.  Please share with me your successes, your frustrations, your questions, your concerns, and let me know what I can do to help you.  Remember if you are feeling frustrated, stop doing what you're doing, take a break and come back to it later.  You have choices to do as much or as little as you can to make this work for you and your family.

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