Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Math Review and Practice                          3rd Grade

These lessons are from a book called "Common Core Math 3 ways.... for 3rd Grade".  I have scanned the lessons in groups.  These lessons would be good for reviewing the 3rd grade concepts from the entire school year and to learn new concepts. The last file has math fluency practice, tools, resources, and the answers.  Use the lessons however you want and need to improve and solidify your math skills.  This is supplemental material to support the Scott Foresman Curriculum adopted by our district. It is not meant to replace the math curriculum being taught in the general education classroom.

Unit 1 through 5 ( Numbers and Operations in Base Ten: Using Place Value to Round Whole Numbers; Estimate Sums and Differences; Add Whole Numbers; Subtract Whole Numbers
Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Solve Two-Step Word Problems)

Unit 6 through 11 (Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Meaning of Multiplication; Properties of Multiplication; Patterns in Multiplication; Multiply by Multiples of ten; Meaning of division; Fact Families for Multiplication and Division)

Unit 12 through 17 (Operations and Algebraic Thinking: Solve Multiplication and Division Problems; Use Multiplication or Division to Find the Missing Number
Number and Operations-Fractions: Understand Fractions; Fractions on a Number Line; Equivalent Fractions; Compare Fractions)

Unit 18 through 23 (Measurement and Data and Geometry: Time to the Minute; Grams, Kilograms, Liters; Measure Length to the Nearest Quarter Inch; Make and Use Pictographs; Make and Use Bar Graphs; Understand Perimeter)

Unit 24 through 27; Math Fluency Practice, Math Resources, Answer Key  (Understand Area, Find Area; Quadrilaterals; Partition Shapes)


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