Monday, April 13, 2020

Mrs. Fields' Thought and Question for the day:  

How are we going to continue working towards our student's IEP goals during Distance Learning?  

We're going to do it the same way we do when we're at school.  We break the learning down into smaller pieces and strategies.  First, we look at the goals we've written for your child.  Then we apply strategies that will help them with each goal.

Let's start with Reading Comprehension goals.  We read for understanding and to learn new things. There are strategies we can use to get better at reading comprehension.  I usually write goals regarding learning how to distinguish, identify, and apply comprehension strategies. Here are some of the strategies we teach towards goals:

  • Identifying the Main Idea 
  • Identifying the Facts and Details
  • Sequencing the story or events 
  • Cause and Effect 
  • Compare and Contrast 
  • Making Predictions
  • Finding meaning in text (Vocabulary) 
  • Author's purpose 
  • Interpreting Figurative Language 
  • Finding the differences in real versus make believe 
  • Facts versus Opinion 

I was able to go through my materials and find some books I have with lessons for each Strategy of Comprehension.  THERE ARE 12 STRATEGIES.  I have scanned the lessons for grade levels 2 through 5.  I have listed these lessons on the Reading Comprehension Section of this blog.  I have been scanning new lessons and updating them on that page.  Please look below for your grade level and lessons. 

During distance learning, please consider learning one strategy (one lesson) per day or 3 strategies per week until the end of the school year.  These are very short lessons with only about 4-6 questions at the end of each lesson.

If you don't have a printer or don't want to print the lesson, just read the passages and questions on the computer then keep track of your answers on a piece of paper.  You can hand in your answers to me when we return to school.  That way I can monitor your progress.

What you can do to help yourself?  

One Lesson, one strategy per day is all I ask.  Just do it!  Have fun with it!  It will keep you on track to meet your goals and help you grow.  Part of the growth mindset is to set goals for yourself.  Set a goal to complete all 12 strategies and get going!

We want to keep moving through our lessons as best as you can.  Don't worry too much because we can catch up on all of these strategies next year.  I'll be cheering you on!

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