Friday, March 27, 2020

Math Review Materials 

Math Facts -  Minute Math 

Why do we have to learn our math facts to automaticity (memorized)?  Memorizing your math facts will help you when math problems begin to get harder. Math problems will begin to take more steps to get to your answers. If you don't have your math facts memorized, it will delay you in your steps, and you may get off track easily.

Why do we have to be timed when practicing our math facts? Timing helps you know if you have memorized your facts. If your facts come to your mind instantly, and you write them down instantly, then you know you have memorized your facts.

I know other math strategies to get my answers, why can't I just use those?  You can!!!  There are many different strategies and ways to get to the answer. You should have many strategies or "tools" in your tool box. It starts being about, time.  The quicker you know the fact, the easier it is to get to your next step.

What is math fluency? Fluency means you can recall your math facts quickly and can apply it to your problem without hesitation.  The more fluent you are in your facts, the easier it will be for you to do multi-step problems as you advance through your math lessons.

Here are some tools for you to use to practice your math facts and improve your math fluency:

1st grade:  

These do not have to be timed or rushed. They are quick daily lessons for your child.

Math Minutes for first graders: (added on 3/27/20)

First Grade Math 3 levels/3ways (added on 3/28/20)
Unit 1-7
Unit 7-12
Unit 13-20
File was too big to bring over to the blog.  Stay tuned for the re-scan.
Unit 21
Unit 22
Practice, tools, Answers

NEW as of 04/02/2020
Teddy Bear Counters Game and Activities:  You will need  to gather some kind of counters to perform these activities.  These activities will help with learning how to count, understanding 1:1 correspondence, greater than, less than, equal to concepts, and more.  Check it out to have some fun ways to learn math concepts.

Time Concepts:  
Time Concepts packet for K-2nd grade (added on 3/28/20)

NEW as of 04/02/2020
Number Poems:  These are great ways for your child to form their numbers correctly.

5th Grade Math Review

Rocket Math:  (added on 3/27/20)  Math fluency






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