Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Read Naturally/ Read Live 

We are so lucky to have this program available to us in the Learning Center at Folsom Hills Elementary School.  I have used this program since I was a Student Teacher at Blanche Sprentz Elementary School.  It used to be on cassette tapes and paper (I know you don't even know what a cassette is).

Why do we do Readlive? We use Readlive to improve our reading fluency (speed/accuracy/expression), reading comprehension (quiz), and practice our writing skills (retell).

If you are a student in my class, you have a license to use the Read Naturally/Read Live Program.  As you know, I usually don't want you to use this program at home because Mrs. Lim and I facilitate a lot of learning throughout the program.  Remember we want you to (see the poster with all the steps):
  • Read the Vocabulary words 
  • Make a prediction (e.g.  I think this story will be about.........) Use the vocabulary words in the prediction and use the picture along with your who, what, where, when, and how questions, along with your senses (e.g. What does it look like? What does is feel like? What does it do, smell like, etc.) 
  • Do the cold timing:  You need an adult or teacher to help with this. 
  • Listen to the story 3 times  (Make sure you look at the words as the nice Readlive reader reads to you..... I know she sounds like a robot!)
  • Read the story aloud 6 times  (One minute timing each time)  Should only take 6 minutes! Remember to practice your expression along with reading every word correctly.  
  • Take the quiz:  Look back at the story to find evidence for your answer; Answer the short answer in a complete sentence, using the question in the answer. 
  • Practice the word list (If you are in the Phonics Program) three times. 
  • OR 
  • Write the retell:  This must be in Summary (This story was about........) format with a minimum of five sentences (Topic Sentence, three details, and a conclusion).  This needs to be a minimum of 60 words to pass Mrs. Fields' standards. Do your best on this! 
  • Do the hot timing;  You need an adult or teacher to help with this.  

If you are doing this at home, please keep a reading log of the stories you have read and passed.  I will be able to see your work through the Readlive program on my computer.  I am the coordinator and can see your work.  It would be very helpful to me if you kept the log and handed it in when we return to school or sooner.

Here's how it will work at home:  

  • I will send your parent an e-mail for them to set up their own password.  They will be able to do your cold timings and your hot timings. 
  • You will be responsible for teaching your parent about how Readlive works and what you need.  
  • Most of you are Readlive experts!  
  • If you are a student who hasn't done Readlive in a couple years, I hope you remember how to do it.  Just try it out, and you'll soon remember.  
  • Remember don't cheat........you know what I mean.....and you're only cheating yourself.  

I am attaching the following links about Readlive for your parent.  Please read the generic parent letter and the poster.  Don't freak yourselves out reading the 20 page lesson plan. The information sheet has web addresses for webinars and videos which are not necessary unless you are super excited about Readlive.  Seriously parents, please just have your kid teach you how to do Readlive or give me a holler.

Parent Letter: 

Readlive Poster: 

Readlive Information Sheet (Webinars and Videos): 

Readlive Lesson Plan:  

Logging In: 
Account #:  (I will send on e-mail)
User ID:  (Students know their ID's or I will send on e-mail)
Password:  (Students know their Passwords or I will send on e-mail)

Parent will receive an e-mail with instructions on setting up your password.  I will assign your User ID and you will see it on the e-mail.

Next steps, log in, try it out, let me know what you need.  If student or parent has any questions, issues, concerns or if I need to change reading options, or move student to the next level, please send me an e-mail.

If you feel overwhelmed, don't do this.  I'm making this available for you all as an opportunity, not an extra stressor.

Have fun reading all the great stories on Readlive!

Mrs. Fields

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